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1. Product or Service
2. Marketing Platforms
3. Obstacle
4. Opportunity
5. Current Monthly Revenue
6. Monthly Revenue Goal
7. Describes You
8. Marketing Budget
9. Average Client Worth
10. Describe Your Business
11. Timing
12. Client Info

So we can customise your strategy and experience, does your business offer a service or a product?

Which marketing channels do you currently use? Select all applicable:

What is the SINGLE biggest challenge holding your business back from reaching your growth and sales goals? (This is the biggest thing we can help you with, please give as much detail as you can about exactly WHAT it is that you think, or feel is holding you back right now)

Where do YOU see the greatest opportunity to scale your business in the next 60-90 days? (select all that apply)

What is your current MONTHLY turnover/revenue?

What Is Your Target MONTHLY turnover/revenue Goal?

Which best describes you?

8. How much is your Monthly marketing budget?

What is the Lifetime value of your average client?

Briefly describe your business and sales.
1. What do you sell?
2. To who?
3. What price point?
4. Any other relevant info on your sales and clients.

Why is right now a good time for you to scale your business?

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